1. Conversion between winter and summer time in international futures product trading

United States:

Summertime: Every year on the second Sunday in March

Winter: Every year starts on the first Sunday in November

United Kingdom:

Summertime: Every year on the last Sunday of March

Winter season: Every year on the last Sunday of October

2. What is the last trading day?

The last trading day refers to the last trading day in which a futures contract trades in the delivery month. After this trading day, open contracts must be physically delivered or cash delivered in accordance with regulations.

3. What is the first notification day?

In foreign futures markets, in addition to the last trading day, some varieties also have the first notice date (such as CBOT soybean, wheat, corn and other contracts). The first notice day refers to the first working day on which the seller of the futures contract has the right to file an application for delivery. If the buyer does not want to make delivery, he must close the position before the first notice day. Therefore, in the actual futures trading process, the speculative positions in any direction are mostly closed or moved before the first notice day.

4. International futures margin

It is different from the calculation of the margin by the percentage of the contract in mainland China. The Exchange will announce an integer margin in response to market price fluctuations, which are the initial margin and maintenance margin.

①The initial margin is equal to the margin for opening positions. For example, the initial margin for first-hand corn is 2700 USD. This means that the customer's account must have an amount of $ 2700 or more to open a position.

② If the account equity falls below the initial deposit, the company will start to collect the deposit. Customers must prepare deposits to make up the initial margin amount.

③ The maintenance margin is lower than the initial margin. For example, corn is $ 2,000. If the account equity of the customer after opening the position is lower than 2000; due to the high risk, we will close the position for the customer until the account is equal to or above the initial margin.

5. How to calculate variety leverage in international futures?

Leverage = contract value / margin

Example: The contract size of corn is 5000, the market price is 6.40, and the margin is 2700

Contract value = 5000 (contract multiplier) * 6.40 (quote) = 32000

Leverage = 32000/2700 = 12 times

6. Withdrawal or exchange time

The cut-off time for withdrawal or exchange of client funds is at or before 2:00 pm on the Hong Kong trading day. Subsequent withdrawal or exchange instructions will be postponed to the next trading day.

Hesheng International does not support domestic bank accounts.

Hesheng International does not accept third-party bank accounts.

All exchange rates are subject to banks, and customers are responsible for their own exchange risk.

Withdrawal or currency exchange records will be recorded in daily statements and monthly statements.