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2. Account and password

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4. Disclaimer

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5. About this website

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8. Risk disclosure using online securities and futures trading

Due to unpredictable communication congestion or other reasons, electronic transmission is not necessarily a reliable method of communication. Transactions conducted through electronic tools will be delayed when sending and receiving your instructions or other information, there will be delays in the execution of your instructions or execution of their instructions at a different price than when you gave instructions, and communication facilities will also fail Interrupt. There may be a risk of misunderstandings or errors in communications, and instructions are usually not cancelable after they are issued.

If you trade through the electronic trading system, you will bear the system-related risks, including the risk of hardware and software failure. The consequences of any system failure may prevent your instructions from being executed according to their instructions or not executed at all.

The price of securities may fluctuate from time to time, and the price of any individual security may fluctuate, and in some cases, it may even become worthless. There are inherent risks in buying and selling securities, and sometimes not only can't get profits, but will suffer losses.

9. Modification of services

Vercap Finance reserves the right to make changes to the content of this website without prior notice. Due to system failures and interruptions, Internet access failures and other technical issues beyond our control, Vercap Finance reserves the right to temporarily or permanently cancel or suspend any part of this website.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

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