About us

Veritas International Financial Services Co., Ltd.

Veritas International Financial Services Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Veritas International) began on October 4, 2000, and has gone through 20 years with Hong Kong. It is a futures dealer of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and a licensed corporation recognized by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission (Central code: AHC345). Focus on providing futures contract trading services for institutions and professional trading personnel and is regulated by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. Business involves futures brokerage services, (online) transaction execution and settlement services. Veritas International is committed to becoming the world's leading international futures dealer.

Shortcut trading access

Helping you to have direct access to global mainstream exchange markets. A stable, secure, fair trading environment. Exclusively fast trading channel with instant response.

Strict risk control service

The compliance risk control system demonstrates professional financial service standards. Strictly supervised by multiple financial regulatory agencies to provide customers with a comfortable and reliable trading environment.

Aboundance in trading categories

It can trade stock indexes, agricultural products, foreign exchange, energy, basic metals, precious metals and interest rate futures all over the world.

Real-time exchange rate of HKD and USD

Localised services of exchanging HKD and USD based on real-time exchange rate, making cash inflow faster.

Customer’s Asset Safeguard, Secure and Reliable

The Hong Kong government and the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission have been working to strengthen the effective protection of investors. Clear and strict laws and regulations are its important supervision methods. Hesheng International strictly abides by the regulations on client assets in the Securities and Futures Regulations: licensed delegations must deposit funds and securities belonging to clients in trust accounts and in places designated by law; if they are not authorized by clients, it is prohibited to dispose of clients Securities and funds in the account.

High efficient operational system, a world-leading speciality.

Veritas International has built a professional and efficient business support system for research and consulting, information technology, operation management, risk management, and compliance management. After many years, it has accumulated rich experience and core business advantages in securities brokerage, securities finance, and international financial derivatives trading.