Please prepare copies of the following documents, and sign and date the blanks:

a. ID card (front and back)

b. Copy of Hong Kong and Macau Pass (within the validity period)

c. Address proof documents (government agencies, banks, utility bills, etc. within the last three months)

* If the residential address is the same as the ID card address, the ID card can be used as proof of address

King International does not support the withdrawal of funds into mainland bank accounts. Please make sure that there are Hong Kong or overseas bank accounts for gold purposes. Hong Kong bank accounts are the best option.

Apply for a Hong Kong bank account in China:

1. Minsheng Bank-Overseas (Hong Kong) account opening business (telephone: 95568)

2. Construction Bank-Lugangtong Long Card Business (Telephone: 95533)

3. ICBC-ICBC Asia Card Account Opening Service (Telephone: 95588)

4. HSBC – Overseas (Hong Kong) account opening business (telephone: 400-820-3090)

5. Bank of China-Hong Kong Bank Card Account Opening Service (Telephone: 400-800-2388)

6. China Merchants Bank-Hong Kong Card Service (Tel: 95555)

Note: To open a Hong Kong bank account in China, make an appointment at the designated outlet of Minsheng Bank one day in advance, and open it one business day.