Account Opening Form

    1. Futures Account Opening Form (Individual and Joint Account)

         i Customer Code

         ii Futures trading account terms and conditions

         iii Standing authorization

         iv Quote application + non-professional investment self-certificate

         v W8BENForm

         vi CRS-Individual+FACTA


     2. Futures Account Opening Form (Company Account)

          i Sample Board Meeting Minutes (Your company’s stationery is required)

          ii Customer Code

          iii Futures trading account terms and conditions

          iv Standing authorization

          v Quote application + non-professional investment self-certificate

          vi W8BEN-EForm + W8BEN-EFormwithChiTips (with Chinese tips)

          vii CRS-Entity+FATCA

          viii CRS-controlling person

The relevant materials that customers need to bring to open an account on site include:

     1. Hong Kong, Mainland China ID card or other country ID documents
     2. Hong Kong and Macau Pass or Passport (keep the small ticket for customs clearance)
     3. The original address certificate (if different from the ID card address, the water bill, electricity bill, gas bill, telephone bill, bank statement or other public utility or financial institution receipts within the last three months, etc.)
     4. Hold a valid Hong Kong bank account or open a Hong Kong bank account in China
          The following are the mainland banks that generally have Hong Kong operations:
          i Dah Sing Bank-Hong Kong Bank Card Account Opening Service (Tel: 400-882-8893)
          ii ICBC-ICBC (Asia) Card Account Opening Service (Tel: 95588)
          iii China Construction Bank-Long Card Service (Tel: 95533)
          iv Bank of China-Hong Kong bank card account opening service (Tel: 400-800-2388)
          v China Merchants Bank-Hong Kong All-in-One Card Service (Tel: 95555)
          vi HSBC-Overseas (Hong Kong) Account Opening Service (Tel: 400-820-3090)
          *As each bank has different account opening requirements, please consult the relevant bank in advance about the relevant account opening conditions and procedures.

Customer deposit and withdrawal, exchange notice or change of account information form

       i Customer Deposit Form

       ii Customer withdrawal form

       iii Customer Exchange Confirmation

       iv Change Account Information Form


If you have any enquiries, please call Hesheng International during office hourscustomer service hotline+852 3619 1155.