Personal account opening (Chinese ID card)

Our company provides you with two ways to open an account: 1. On-site account opening in a Hong Kong company; 2. Opening an account by post

1. Open an account in person at a Hong Kong company

Step 1: Go to Hong Kong to open a Hong Kong bank account

Step 2: Bring your ID card, Hong Kong and Macau Pass (do not lose the customs clearance ticket), Hong Kong bank card, and sign an account opening agreement

2. Open an account by mail

Step 1: Apply for a Hong Kong bank account in China

1. Construction Bank-Lugangtong Long Card Business (Telephone: 95533)

2. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China-ICBC Asia Card Account Opening Service (Telephone: 95588)

3. HSBC – Overseas (Hong Kong) account opening business (tel: 400-820-3090)

4. Bank of China-Hong Kong Bank Card Account Opening Service (Telephone: 400-800-2388)

5. China Merchants Bank-Hong Kong Card Service (Tel: 95555)

6. Minsheng Bank-Overseas (Hong Kong) account opening business (tel: 95568)

Note: To open a Hong Kong bank account in China, Minsheng Bank is the first choice. Make an appointment at the designated outlet of Minsheng Bank one day in advance, and open it one business day. At present, Minsheng Bank has designated outlets in Beijing, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Shaoxing. Tel: 95568.

Prepare Hong Kong cheques:

Log in to Hong Kong Online Banking or Mobile Banking, you can apply for mailing a crossed cheque book, usually received in about 15 working days, and then open a cheque of US $ 3,000 or HK $ 30,000 (check funds will be transferred to your futures account)

Note: The check signature needs to be consistent with the contract

If there is no cheque, the signature can be verified by "witness". The business card or relevant employment permit of the witness must be attached to the materials and mailed to King Futures.

Step 2: Prepare account opening documents

Please prepare copies of the following documents, and sign and date the blanks:

1. ID card (front and back)

2. Photocopy of Hong Kong and Macau Pass (valid period)

3. Documents of proof of address (government agencies, banks, utility bills, etc. within the last three months)

* If the residential address is the same as the ID card address, the ID card can be used as proof of address

4. Copy of my Hong Kong bank card

Step 3: Fill in the account opening documents

You need to print the account opening documents and fill in and sign the relevant options.

Step 4: Mail to us

Mail the account opening document and cheque to us together, the receipt information is as follows:

Address: 8th Floor, Tianchu Commercial Building, 173-174 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Recipient: Hesheng International Financial Services Co., Ltd.

Telephone: +852 36191155